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Night Night, Sleep Tight...Donít Let The Bed Bugs Bite!
Bed bugs are ever increasing in population and these crawling critters could be headed your way. A bed bug is a blood-sucking insect that feeds on humans and pets. This bug is less than a quarter of an inch long and brownish red in color. They are flat, oval shaped and do not fly. They live in mattresses, bed frames, furniture, crevices in walls and just about anywhere in a house that you could fit the edge of a knife.

Bed bugs travel from an active infestation site to another by way of your clothing, furniture or suitcases. They can thrive in practically any location they find themselves. One female can give birth to up to 500 new bugs each year and soon establish a new infestation. Bed bugs were nearly eradicated in the early 40ís and 50ís when the chemical DDT was the most common method of treatment. DDT was banned in the 1960ís. Scientists believe that the reappearance of bed bugs could be the result of this pesticide restriction and a marked increase in domestic and foreign travel. As more and more luggage is shuttled from place to place, lodging establishments are unknowingly providing ample breeding grounds for this flourishing pest.

Evidence of bed bug bites is skin irritations which are red, round blotchy areas on your arms and legs. Bed bugs are messy pests. They leave characteristic tiny brownish blood stains on your sheets and mattress when they finish ďblood-suckingĒ.

Most importantly, how can you protect your family from bed bugs?
• Carefully choose your hotel and lodging. Always check the mattress, sheets and headboards for bugs
  and blood stains any where you stay. Donít hesitate to lift off the mattress covers.
• It sounds simple but, make sure your children do not stay at a friendís house that is actively infested.
  They will bring home more than their dirty clothing!
• Carefully inspect used furniture you buy for bed bugs. If possible, leave the furniture outside for several
  days to ďairĒ out.
• Any time you are concerned that you have had contact with bed bugs, leave all luggage and clothes
  outside until they can be washed in hot water and dried on hot.

You can be rid of bed bugs and have your piece of mind again.
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